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Arduino Biped Robot BRAT 6 DOF Robotic Kit Ready To Run

Arduino Biped Robot BRAT 6 DOF Robotic Kit Ready To Run

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Arduino Biped Robot BRAT 6 DOF Robotic Kit Ready To Run

Arduino Biped Robot BRAT 6 Servo Walker Robotics Kit [Ready to Run]

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Complete with servos,
bluetooth remote-control, and debug software documentation.

Package Content
3x Aluminum Multi-Purpose Servo Bracket Two Pack
3x Aluminum "C" Servo Bracket with Bearing Cup Two Pack
1x Aluminum "L" Connector Bracket Two Pack
1x Aluminum Robot Foot(Pair)
1x SES Electronics Carrier
2x High torque(Max 15KG) 180 degree rotation servo
4x Standard Servo(Max torque 5.1kg)
1x 1 Sets Accessories
1x Arduino Serial Port Bluetooth Module AT Mode Master+Slave​
1x Arduino USB SSC-32 Servo Motors Controller with Bluetooth APC220 Interface
(with Debugging software(beta) )
This product includes everything you need to build a robot to control with your electronics.

The robot is a 6 servo biped walker featuring three degrees of freedom (DOF) per leg. It can walk forward or backwards and turn in place left or right with variable speed. It can even do lots of Robo-One style acrobatic moves. Our combo kits include everything needed to make an operational robot, however the chassis and servos are available separately for those who want to use their own electronics.

As with any walking robot, weight is a major concern. The best approach is to keep the weight to an absolute minimum. We recommend using the 6.0Volt Ni-MH 1600mAh Battery Pack(Not Include Battery Pack).

Arduino Serial Port Bluetooth Module AT Mode Master+Slave:
It can be set to slave or master mode.

The module offers an affordable way to let your microcontroller talk to your Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth mobile phones, laptop, and Bluetooth adapter. The Bluetooth module provides TTL level UART interface which is supported by almost every microcontroller in the market.
It is also designed to be compatible with most popular Arduino controller. Simply plug into Arduino IO Expansion Shield, a Bluetooth Arduino is ready to use.
Chips: CSR BC417143
Bluetooth Protocol: Bluetooth Specification v2.0 +EDR
Working Frequency: 2.4-2.48GHz unlicensed ISM Band
Modulation Mode: GFSK (Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying)
Power: ≤4dBm, Class 2
Transmission Distance: 20-30 in free space
Sensitivity: ≤-84 dBm at 0.1% BER
Transmission rate: Asynchronous: 2.1 Mbps (Max)/160 kbps; Synchronous: 1Mbps/1Mbps
Security: Authentication and encryption
Support profiles: Bluetooth serial port
LED indicator: LINK
Power Supply: +3.5V-+8V DC/50 mA
Working Temperature: -20°C-+55°C
Dimension: 43x19.3x11mm
Default serial setting: 115200/N/8/1
Default Pairing Code: 0000

Arduino USB SSC-32 Servo Motors Controller:
Interface: USB/TTL(baud rate 2400/9600/38400/115200bps)
Size: 58.5mm x 76.2mm
Resolution: 1uS 0.09°,1uS/second, 0.09°/second
Servo range: 180°and 360°
Controls Servo: Up to 32 servo motors(PWM/TTL)
Compatible lynxmotion RIOS Arm Control and SEQ Visual Sequencer software...etc
Provides 4 analog / digital signal input terminal, can be set at rest or latch.
Bluetooth module and APC220 provides wireless data transmission interface for remote control.
Provide ISP download port, for use of development.
baud rate using the two DIP switch settings, to avoid the jumper is not stability.
Support for Futaba, Hitec and most common Servo.
Supply Voltage: 6V - 12V or USB power (with self-recovery fuse, easy to use for debugging)
Servo Supply Voltage: 4.8V - 7.2V
Withstand current: each side 10A, 32 Road, the maximum 20A
This product is a USB interface, no serial port to facilitate desktop and laptop use.
USB port to upgrade the firmware functions to provide convenient and quick.

Servo and control logic circuit power can be shared to independent power supply, or control logic circuit using the USB-powered (via jumper settings), for users, while simplifying the debugging can adapt to different designs.
The motion control can be immediate response, speed controlled, timed motion, or a combination. A unique "Group Move" allows any combination of servos to begin and end motion at the same time, even if the servos have to move different distances. This is a very powerful feature for creating complex walking gaits for multi servo walking robots. The servo's position or movement can be Queried to provide feedback to the host computer.

Currently on the market the most powerful, highest reliability, the only way a USB interface, 32-servo controller, using FT232RL USB chip, stable and good compatibility, the core control unit uses high-performance, low power consumption ATMega168 microcontroller a powerful, fast instruction execution, control, high precision, I / O port driver ability more so.
Reasonably compact layout, the use of chip design so much smaller circuit board, also has a strong anti-interference performance.

Lynx SSC-32 Terminal
USB-SSC32 Command Formatting
Lynx SSC32 USB Driver

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