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Bioloid Beginner Kit

Bioloid Beginner Kit

Do-it-yourself Educational Robot Kit, which includes everything you need for making robots.
Design, build and program your own walk of life!

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BIOLOID Beginner Kit [US]




- All-round building structure

Bioloid is an all-round robot kit capable of building many different robots.


- Movements based on sensor

Many different sensors are available to make fun interaction and to program them.


- Networked modules for robot

The robot modules are networked making add-ons simple and efficient.




- Main Controller CM-5 : 1 pc

- Dynamixel AX-12A [Robot Exclusive Actuator] : 4 pcs [Torque : 15kgf.cm at 12V, 1.5A]

- AX-S1 [Sensor] : 1 pc

- SMPS (12V, 5A) : 1 set [For power supply and charger]

- Ni-MH Battery(9.6V, AA type 8ea pack) : 1 set

- BIOLOID Serial Cable BSC-10

- 3 Pin Cables : 9 pcs

- BIOLOID Software CD :

1. Software Manual [BIOLOID User¡¯s Guide]

2. 26 different robot example files

3. Videos for example robots

4.Sample application files for the AX-12+, AX-S1

- Quick Start: 

    1. 14 different example robot assembly directions

    2. Intro and example file download information.

- BIOLOID Bolt Nut Set BNS-10 : 7 types (about 400 pcs)

- Nut Fixative Sticker



- Crossing Gate
- Universal Gauge
- Sound Level Meter
- Crocodile Mouth
- Pan Tilt
- Parking Gate
- Melody Car
- Robot Arm
- Cliff Detection Car
- Greeting Penguin
- Attacking Duck
- Obstacle Detection Car
- Clapping Penguin
- Walking Droid


- By assembling ad programming the 14 different robot examples provided, you can learn the

  basics of robot building.
- From a 1 DOF crossing gate to a 4 DOF car, walking droid, you can learn how to program

  and control them as well.
- If you add on 4 more AX-12+ (that makes a total of 8 dynamixels), you can make

   intermediate level robots.
- If you purchase 14 more AX-12+ and a Frame Set, that will make a Bioloid Comprehensive

   Kit, giving a total of 18 DOF.

- The imagination is the only limit to your creations.


DOF – Degree of Freedom




¢À For wireless control you will need the below products :

1. Bioloid Robot + ZIG-100, CM-5,  NIMH 9.6V Battery Pack NBP-10 

    [Each sold separately]

2. Bioloid Robot + ZIG-100, RC-100 [Each sold separately]


¢À When the bolt/nut gets loose!
   - Use the LOCTITE 248 or LOCTITE 268 to keep it tightly in place. (Each sold separately).



Description Bioloid Beginner Kit Bioloid Comprehensive Kit Bioloid Premium Kit
Main Image
Main Controller CM-5 CM-5 CM-510
AX-12A : 4EA AX-12A : 18EA AX-12A : 18EA
Sensor AX-S1 AX-S1 GYRO, DMS, IR

NIMH 9.6V Battery Pack

NIMH 9.6V Battery Pack
LIPO 11.1V Battery Set
Remote Control RC-100 +
ZIG-100 set (Option)
RC-100 +
ZIG-100 set (Option)
ZIG-110 set (Option)
Manual Quick Start (14 robots)
User's Guide
Quick Start (26 robots)
User's Guide
Quick Start (3 robots)
e-manual (26 robots)
Usage Education(School) Education(School/Univ.)

Build various robots using Bioloid which is upgraded with powerful humanoid functions and software!
Bioloid, the most advanced robot system equipped with gyro sensor, IR sensor, and DMS sensor
Dynamixel and Controller for External Expansion Sensor CM-510
Worldwide Bioloid
Bioloid includes gyro sensor, DMS sensor, and multi-channel wireless expendable remote controller. (Based on Premium Kit) Please make sure that it is easy to insert and take out the batteries; the cables are arranged safely;
it has outstanding compatibility.

RoboPlus(exclusive robot software)and C Language Solution
RoboPlus is an icon-type, C language-based, and easy-to-use software for users who do not understand computer program languages. The motions and behaviors of robots can be programmed and managed with the software.
The users can learn the structure and the grammar of C language eventually while using RoboPlus.
In addition, various C language program examples are provided for experts.
The Optimal Material for Robot Class
It is the most suitable educational kit to be used for the classes and team projects in secondary schools and universities.
Power Point materials for weekly classes will be made available soon. (For Educational Bioloid)
Types of Bioloid Kit
Bioloid Premium Kit
It is the upgraded and latest version of Bioloid Comprehensive Kit


-CM-510 (Main Controller): 1 piece

* CPU: ATMEGA 2561
* Internal I/O Device: 6 buttons, Mic, Temperature sensor,
   and Voltage Sensor are included
* External I/O Device: GP I/O & 6 of 5P I/O port for analog sensor
   installation AX-Series Dinamixel connector: 5 pieces
* Mode Display & AUX LED

- Robot Exclusive Servo Dynamixel(AX-12A): 18 pcs
- 2-axis Gyro Sensor: 1 piece
- DMS Sensor: 1 piece
- IR sensors: 2 pieces
- RC-100(Remote Controller): 1 piece
- Skin Set for Humanoid
- Li-Po Battery (11.1V, 1000mA/PCM) : 1 piece
- Battery Charger
- USB2Dynamixel
- Quick Start Book (3-types of humanoid robot examples are provided)
- Screw Driver, Cable Holder
- RoboPlus CD


1) Excellent walking humanoid (Self-Adjusts posture while walking)
2) Various sensors including Gyro, Distance, and IR
3) RC-100(Remote Controller) is included (IR-default, Zigbee-optional)
4) C-style programming & motion teaching with RoboPlus S/W (USB interface included)
5) Semitransparent humanoid skin for customization
6) Digital packet communication with daisy chain topology
7) Build various robots through versatile expansion mechanism

Robots in Premium Kit (Click the pictures below to see videos)

Bioloid Comprehensive Kit
The users can build 26 types of robots, from a simple crossing gate robot to spider and humanoid robots and program the examples so that they can learn more about robot programming. (It includes the contents of Bioloid Beginner Kit)


- CM-5 (Main Controller) : 1 pcs
- Robot Exclusive Servo Dynamixel(AX-12A): 18 pcs
- AX-S1 (Robot Sensor Module) : 1 pcs
- SMPS for external power (12V, 5A) : 1 pcs
- Rechargeable Batteries
  (9.6V, Ni-MH AAtype×8) : 1 pcs
- Full Set of Frame
- CD with Software
- Assembly Manual (Quickstart)

Robots in Comprehensive Kit (Click the pictures below to see videos)

Bioloid Beginner Kit
The users can build and operate 14 types of robots so that they can learn more about robot programming.


- CM-5 (Main controller) : 1 pcs
- Robot Exclusive Servo Dynamixel(AX-12A): 4 pcs
- AX-S1 (Robot Sensor Module) : 1 pcs
- SMPS for external power (12V, 5A) : 1 pcs
- Rechargeable Batteries
  (9.6V, Ni-MH AAtype×8) : 1 pcs
- CD with Software
- Assembly Manual (Quickstart)

Robots in Beginner Kit (Click the pictures below to see videos)

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